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Little Update


I just wanted to give you a little update.

Sorry for all the reblogging and not answering comments, my computer doesn’t like WordPress very much. So trying to write my own posts is difficult to do.

Also my computer is now dead, so I am using my mum and dad’s laptop that is very old, and still doesn’t like WordPress. The laptop is using Vista, which is crap.

Hopefully I will be able to get my new computer soon.

If you would like to help me get a computer to make more posts and start The Mental Health Resource Hub, you can donate here.


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The Battle Ground

The Battle Ground

A braindead zombie, rotting skin dripping to the floor. High pitch screeching, deafening enough to get through the void.

Screech, screech, screech, they wail for eternity.

The other side stand the logical beasts, a pack of angry but annoyed wolves. Living proof that there is a light, yet outweighed by the zombie horde covering the brightness.

In the middle, lay the wounded, the tired, and disillusioned. Blood and guts lay on the ground, tortured yet still kept alive.

I be there, in the middle, the tired, lonely, and dead. Kept alive by the YouTube machine, the videos from the beasts with their logic and facts.

On the downside, they only work for so long. Will they be able to keep the fighting spirit alive.

I don’t know, I don’t know?

Watching the world burn

Watching the world burn

Watching the world burn, watching the world turn faster and faster.

The world turning to the tune of loud screeching cries, secrets, lies, and darkness in the shadows.

Burn, Turn, Burn, Turn.

Screech, screech cry, cry, find another person to persecute and die.

Propaganda, lies, Tv screens infested with people who want to watch you die.

Facebook, Twitter, a place for people that screech louder, bearing their teeth, at the people they accuse this week.

Misogynist, Alt Right, Sexist, Racist, Homophobe, Islamophobia, how many words they use to quiet you into a zombie like them in a coma.

Screech, screech, screech, the sounds of the children come, adults with the mental age of a child come.

Accuse of rape, accuse of everything, buzzwords, buzzwords, virtue signalling, cry , cry, cry.

Patriarchy, rape, kill all men, you are a racist for, and misogynist and a man.

Twitter, Facebook, social Media, the world quieted by the force of thought police, and censorship.

Don’t say that, blocked, shadow banned, keep in the dark.

We can’t have these dangerous words, shown, it might trigger someone.

Trigger, Trigger, Trigger,  Trigger, everyday, morning, noon, and night.

Watching the world burn, watching the world turn faster and faster.

The world turning to the tune of loud screeching cries, secrets, lies, and darkness in the shadows.

Burn, Turn, Burn, Turn.

I would rather die, than live in a world, where I cannot be myself, and learn.

1984 is coming so soon, I know I would rather be stabbed, than live in a world that doesn’t want me as part.

Easy it seems, to say such a thing.

But look all around you, and you will see what I mean.

This is why I hate 3rd Wave feminism and social justice Warriors.

If my Maximus advisor’s think I am highly intelligent, why do they treat me like i am atupid?

Last night my mind went for a little wander, as I continued my barriers form.

My advisors and even those that I have come into contact, have all called me highly intelligent.

Yet they treat me like I am the dumbest person in the room, and I’ve always wanted to know why?

Were they just saying that to push my confidence?

Were they just trying to be nice?

I always wonder about these things because I am not very good at taking compliments, so I always suspect people who are giving me them.

Also why were they treating me like the dumbest person in the room?

Am I that dumb?

Sorry for the selfishness of this blog, it’s been on my mind for awhile.