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Is 1984 is Coming? Thoughts about the World and my personal life.

I’ve always believed that the Globalists are in control of our lives, and we are all being used as pawns, and in the end we are all going to die.

I don’t know if this is my depression, whether I am dumb, watched and read too many Utopian movie and book, or I just think the worse of everything, which would actually lead back to the depression wouldn’t it?

I just feel like we are heading ever closer.

All I know is I am frightened about this; I am frightened about mum and dad getting hurt or dying about the Globalists. It keeps me up at night, it makes me want to cut, it makes me want to question everything even my own thoughts and feelings.

Political Correctness

Political Correctness scares the fuck out of me, and if it keeps going the way it is, we are not going to be allowed to think, like what we want, do what we want, or feel the feelings we want to.

It’s just going to be silence, nobody saying anything to anyone because of fears of upsetting people, or because the government have banned words and thoughts.

So where does that leave people?

What will happen to people with mental health problems?

What is going to happen to the people who commit though, word crimes?

This is what goes through my head every day, and nobody seems to want to answer, nor acknowledge that this might actually happen sooner than we think.


With Political Correctness goes Communism, and we all know that leaders would love that to happen.

The UN certainly wouldn’t mind, and I’m sure by now all you guys are thinking I am some religious nut, or Alt Righter who is scared of the white genocide.

I don’t believe that, but I do believe the rich are trying to get rid of the poor, and communism is another useful tool for them, since you will probably starve to death. On the other hand, be sent to a rehabilitation camp where you must learn the rules and work until you die. North Korea already has this, the gulags was in Russia, and have people fighting for food, Social Justice Warriors doing fuck all and still getting paid as if they are.

Does that sound good?

Meanwhile everyone is dying, nobody is getting richer only poorer, and the rich are laughing away, while the social justice warriors use their powers to climb to the top.

Does that sound fair?

I am getting so fed up with the left, they’ve got my friend and my friend is starting to tell me what to watch, read, say, and do.

Last night while on the phone and being screamed at for the thousandth time because of watching something that they have deemed Alt Right, screaming about I have betrayed them. I cut myself while this was happening, and it fucking hurt, but it was nice to feel that as I heard the screams on the phone. I cut myself where I had my skin graft taken, that way when it starts healing it won’t be so noticeable.

It’s really stupid of me to do, I haven’t cut in ages, and I’m about to get discharged from the Brief Intervention Team. I am so disappointed in myself by letting somebody get to me to the point I went and cut myself. I should have used the box breathing technique to calm down, and been more assertive with them. However, I am not very good at that, but mostly because it reminded me of being bullied at school, at being home and having Stephen screaming at mum and dad while I hid in my room, my Step Brother blaming me for what he was doing to me.

I cannot like anything on YouTube, reblog anything that might be perceived as Alt Right, or I am picking on a group of people because of the titles Crazy Feminists or Social Justice Warriors. I have to put everything in a private folder so they cannot see it, and make sure not to accidently like a video or anything.

And this is exhausting, I can understand that my friend works two jobs and hates Trump, but the way they are telling me that Mainstream Media should be trusted, and reblogging blogs is not helpful.

How I am not helping people by liking this stuff, how I should be going through all the information I get, even though I do. How my friend has explained repeatedly and I am drifting away from them. How they think I am only drawn to these people because I am attracted to abusers, because I am a very gullible person.

I don’t know what to do anymore, all I do is keep waiting for my friend to tweet at me how a content creator or blogger is Alt Right and I need to avoid them.

I’m exhausted.

As a survivor of five years being sexually abused

As a survivor of five years being sexually abused by my stepbrother, from the ages of 11 to 16. I am disgusted. These people don’t want help, they lie, that’s how they get their victims to do what they want them to do. So when they ask for help, do you think they are doing it to get help, or doing it to look good?

How do you think they get out of prison, they lie, they say they don’t have feelings for children, when they do.

They need to be named and shamed, and put somewhere, where they cannot hurt children. Even pedophilia hurts children, it encourage more to be made and children to abuse by adults.

Is that really fair on children?

Twitter- users Vs social justice warriors?

There seems to be terms and conditions on their support page that do not go far enough, as people blocked can still mention you.

So they can conspire. Look I maybe paranoid, but I know girls and women in their clique. And one thing they love to do is girl fighting, secret, backstabbing, and dangerous.

How can twitter let that go on online, to a wide audience of peoples followers. I am a thirty two year old woman, albeit mentally unwell. Now think of a little girl aged twelve, being bullied online, blocking and reporting, suicidal. Knowing these girls online are taunting her behind the block, planning something dreadful to get her banned.

Is that fair?

I’m all for free speech and such, but the callousness of these so called social justice warriors is not needed. They bring nothing to the table, they have nothing to say that is worth listening to. And by far, they do not have a cause, they do not care about society ad a whole.

How can you legalize paedophilia?

You have to be some kind of sick individual to want to legalize this… Right?

Obviously these people have never been sexual abused by someone, because if they were, then I doubt very much that they would want to have these men and women on the internet sharing pictures of children as they they abuse them.

Would you want indecent pictures of yourself on the internet, and a bunch of sick perverts touching themselves to it?

Did you know that looking at those pictures is just as harmful as doing the abuse in person, and you are more likely to do the act on a child after watching that. While also increasing the chances of him harming a child, and using it to show the child that is a normal thing for them to do.

Being a paedophile is not a fucking sexual orientation, these people have severe mental health problems and are good at lying. It’s all part of their manipulation of children, and a way to make them submit to them, because who will believe a kid they say to them.

Why are these social justice warriors okay for one thing, but not another? A reason why I asked that question, how would you like indecent pictures of you on the internet. These are very vulnerable little children and teens being used for sexual gratification, and you the morally idiotic social justice warriors think this right?

I talk as a survivor of sexual abuse, I was shown porn by my step brother. Most of it adult, but some of it children, all brought from a local video store. I have also been told by my rapist that he liked me since I was 12 years old, he was my sister’s boyfriend, he sent me explicit messages about how he wanted to do things to me when I was younger. He knew about my step brother, and still said those things, don’t you think that is rather disgusting?

I feel sick just thinking about it, and thinking of the men and women you want to allow to see pictures of children and sexually enjoy themselves. Oh yes women do it too, but they are the ones to do it to smaller children, such as babies, and in nurseries while changing them, or taking them to the bathroom.

If you don’t allow rape culture, and hate cis men, yet you want to allow them to do this. You are all fucked up morally, do you know that.

They lie to the prison psychiatric about getting better, because they know it will get them out earlier. And do you you think they are truly sorry for their crimes, no they are not, they just know how to get around the system.

They certainly aren’t oppressed either, they are the oppressors.

And this is the reason I am writing this blog post, and others.

I might one day have to tell you exactly what happened, but I don’t think I am ready for that day. But if people have any questions, or would like to talk about their experiences, I am here for you.

I just would have thought having the title social justice would mean a lot more, for the help of more people.