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More empowering Barbies, is making them curvey enough for SJW’s

When I was a little girl I played with Barbie’s, I would cut their hairs and making them have pixie cuts. I also used to like making her an adventurer, especially when I was in the bath, but she would still be girly and have a family. Which is good, but when it comes to certain groups above, when is that enough?

It’s good she is curvey, I mean she was kind of too skinny, and looked like she got smaller since I was kid. But then that could be because I am older, and everything from my childhood looks tiny now, t’s the curse of being older. At the same time, I think we should be empowering young girls, especially if the SJW’s want women to go into computer jobs.

My question is, can we have Barbi’s that designed to teach girls about different occupations?

I mean you can still keep the feminine side of Barbie, but have her doing things like a computer programmer, adding to this a website with a way for Barbie and the little girl to do programming? Making things accessible for little girls, while also explaining girls can do these, even if they are girly.

I imagine this could fire up their little imaginations, imagine princess, spy, fairy, computer programmer Barbie saving the world with Ken by her side. I have a cousin who thinks she is a fair superhero, spy, princess, and god does she have fun pretending to be that way. Why can’t we design these, let their imaginations go wild, without forcing it on them, like some are inclined to do?

It would also show that women and girls, and do the same things as boys or men if they want to. And it would teach them new things too, learning about new skills to add to their quill as Archer the world greatest spy says in his book.

Because the more they can absorb as kids, the more they will want to learn as adults, and that is most important thing there is in the development in children. Being a superhero, spy, fairy princess, empowers my cousin in thinking she is just as good as the boys in school, she has unbelievable confidence and yet also has charisma and care for others. Isn’t that what we want to teach children? In my story, I have written about her, and how she turned one of her Barbies into Kung fu Barbie. I would have loved something like that when I was a kid.

I don’t mean to sound rude, or like a preacher. I read an article by Laurie Penny, one of those new extreme feminists who do not empower women. As I said before Curvy Barbie is good, in the way that girls learn size doesn’t matter. But what went through my mind was, could we have Barbie teach girls about healthy eating too? Barbie being sporty and enjoy exercise, and have a way for her to teach girls that healthy living is good, but you can still have the odd treat?

I think we need to rebrand Barbie from just a fashion doll, and make her into a doll that has more to her, more accessories, more jobs etc.

It would be good in the long run, for the girls of today and their futures.

Sorry for the ramble of boredom and ranting.