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'Pussy Hats' Oppress Transgender People Now | The Daily Caller

‘Transgender women certainly should not be left out of any definition of womanhood’

This does not surprise me anymore, since the oppression Olympics is getting smaller and smaller now, they are bound to now eat each other to the point that there is nothing left.

This is why intersectional fourth wave feminism and social justice are cancer, they have to out do themselves. It’s sad, I know girls and grown women at work places and school, who would have the hardest life in the world. This just sound like that, a bunch of girls who think they are the most special and have the hardest life in the world and play on that.

This is high school Girls 101.

Source: ‘Pussy Hats’ Oppress Transgender People Now | The Daily Caller


Gawker is Literally Hosting the Oppression Olympics | Critical-Theory.com

Who’s more oppressed, south Asians or black people? Trans-women or trans-men? Gawker is here to find out! All good branches of thought have their ad absurdum moment where, following an otherwise sound logic, thinkers are brought to obscene conclusions that legitimate straw arguments against the field as a whole. For instance, Marxists claiming that not being sexist is a distraction from the revolution, or shitty 2nd wave feminists who claim that trans-women are part of a larger misogynist plot to invade women-only spaces. And of course, the whole host of Tumblr academics who are trying to play the oppression olympics. The oppression olympics takes a wide array of awesome scholarship about the oppression of non-white, non-heterosexual, non-male, differently abled (and usually poor) folks and takes sides. For example, rather than just admit that oppressions usually piggy-back off each other intersectionally, they insist that one oppression is the foundation for all other oppressions. But

Source: Gawker is Literally Hosting the Oppression Olympics | Critical-Theory.com