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“Everything is problematic” – The McGill Daily

Written by: Trent Eady | Visual by: Alice Shen

My journey into the centre of a dark political world, and how I escaped.

A very insightful article from a very intelligent person who was lucky to get out of the cult of social justice. Speaking in a way that is very honest, as well as providing some advice too, showing how you should really do activism and treating people like people, not numbers.

Source: “Everything is problematic” – The McGill Daily

THE LAST DITCH: Housing the politically homeless in our brave new political world

Typical, it’s becoming clear that PC Culture is fucking over the poor and working class, yet boosting the ruling class.

Source: THE LAST DITCH: Housing the politically homeless in our brave new political world

My Nine year cousins experience with Feminism and Social Justice at school.

My Nine year cousins experience with Feminism and Social Justice at school.

So three nights ago, my cousin came over to my house. She looked so sad, and more quiet than usual, normally she is straight through the door trying to find me, so e can play with superheros and karate barbie.

She sat with me, looking don at the floor, about to cry, and I asked what was wrong. She took my hand, and we went to my room, because she was scared of what her mum and sister was going to say.

That was when she burst out of crying, telling me how she was made to watch Anita Sarkeesian’s Trope’s VS Women, and told that she was a bad person to like computer games, how she is sexist, how she is oppressing the kids of colour in her class, and she should feel guilty.

She was also told about genders, and how she should be a lesbian or gender fluid, rather than straight. How she has CIS privilege, and playing lego games are oppressing other little girls.

How the fuck can someone do that to a child?

How is she oppressing other children, and other girls?

This is fucking sick.

She literally cried, and told me how she is oppressing me, because I am part jamaican, indian and  white.

Why the fuck would people do it?

She was so afraid to tell her mum, she said that her mum would most likely tell her off.

I thought Anita’s work was meant to be for college kids, but I guess they start them early , she is literally afraid to go to school.

I’m afraid she is going to kill herself, she’s terrified of school


barrierbreaker –How a SJW thinks aYouTuber is Lying because it Took Less Than 24 Hours to Ruin MTV…

barrierbreaker –How a SJW thinks aYouTuber is Lying because it Took Less Than 24 Hours to Ruin MTV’s Explanation of BLM

At Patheos Atheist, Pete Mosley writes from an atheistic and humanistic viewpoint with the goal of breaking barriers in understanding that keep individuals marginalized in the frequently intersecting arenas of religion, race, class, and gender.

This is what happens when you let people race bait. Not saying the police is not guilty of some deaths, but with this bigotry of low expectations that SJW’s treat black people, means that black people are being used and abused.

Source: barrierbreaker –

Originally published at perfectlyfadeddelusions.com on July 17, 2016.

About – New site

Reclaim The Internet

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The Amazing Atheist’s Racism

Source: The Amazing Atheist’s Racism

This guy is a Social Justice Warrior or Sociopathic Juvenile Whiner as I like to call them, he thinks all white people are racists just like they all do.

He is spreading more racism, sexism, and all the other isms and phobias, more than the Amazing Atheist could. They justify it for the greater good, and being progressive, but they are sending us backwards to the point where we will soon be back in the 1960’s.

Of course, they do not see this, because they are idiots and can think of nothing except ism’s and phobia’s.

The Amazing Atheist is actually quite good, and he has some good points that this guy Martin Hughes thinks are racist, but at least it would help.

Please watch the video.

The Wall of Shame | Philosophies of a Disenchanted Scholar

I’m going to do this new thing where, if I find a classic blithe r-type comment on social media that exhibits pathological outgroup preferences they’re somehow proud of, with public sec…

Source: The Wall of Shame | Philosophies of a Disenchanted Scholar

Honey Badger Brigade | Nerds bite back!

By Patriarchal Prophet Patriarchy is a funny thing. Feminists use to justify anything, often through using it as a supposed institution that can seemingly magically make anything institutionalized,…

Source: Honey Badger Brigade | Nerds bite back!

SJW’s moving into Mental illness

SJW’s are moving onto mental illness, they are making videos on how society doesn’t get them, and how people are romancing it on social media platforms and media. However, they are the ones romancing the health condition that can be very disabling, so why are they being this way?


When all these social justice whiners, upper middle class girls tell you that they have a mental illness, and she knows the struggles, I have to laugh.

Firstly, you don’t need to use the NHS nor do you have to worry about health insurance, meaning you are not on a waiting list of 2 and 1/2 years to see someone. In the UK, a board of professionals in your local mental health trust now determines who deserves services. Nor are you going to be left because you cannot afford medical bills, or can only use their insurance in only certain hospitals or clinics.

Secondly, you have probably never had doctors or people tell you that it’s all in your head, nor have you had to research for services, because there are not enough services.

Thirdly, your therapist is probably telling you you have these things to get more money out of you. So they diagnose you with everything, and keep you in a state of I do have something wrong with me. Whereas the NHS therapist, are desperately trying to find ways to say you are better, because they have a whole waiting list of people, and the manager needs to hit targets. Leaving you to survive on your own, until you can get your doctor to actually write to the trust again, about needing therapy again.

Do you understand now why people get pissed off with you, why I want to make a channel on YouTube? Because this has been my whole life struggle with mental illness, nobody doing anything, and just being pushed pillar to post. Having people give me the million mile stare when I bring it up, and basically having to disguise it.

Therefore, Upper middle class girls with Twitter PTSD, living in your nice expensive flat, and many job prospects. Trying living in the under classes.

I’m doing it for everyone, I’m doing it because people with REAL mental illnesses who are not able to talk about their mental illnesses, have trouble finding jobs, are being social cleansed by the government, and have never had the help they need. More than that, I want to bring solutions, practical and effective to make people’s lives better.

But you, you are making it seem like a fairy tale.

If you would like to donate to my crowdfunder: https://gogetfunding.com/computer-for-working-at-home-and-to-help-people-with-mental-health-problems/

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