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Forgiving your abusers?

Why do people make a big deal about forgiveness to your abuser?

I mean it’s not like they have asked or apologised for what they have done.

And if they did apologise would it be real, or would they just be saying it for the sake of everything being better for them.

When I spoke to my last therapist, I mentioned about my step brother going to prison and the counselling he received. I wondered if therapy actually worked for sexual abusers or if they merely play the system to get out early.

Still having those feelings. I know this probably sounds all like a bad conspiracy theory, but it crosses my mind. I mean they are good actors after all, and well wouldn’t they put that good acting to use in prison too.

I am not forgiving my step brother nor the man who raped me. As far as I am concerned they do not deserve forgiveness. If they really did want to apologize they would have done it by now.

People say forgiving them takes the weight off, but I think it just helps cover the subject further.

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Originally published at trudielizabethharding.wordpress.com on September 18, 2015.