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Honey Badger Brigade | Nerds bite back!

Here is yet another period in games history about which social justice oriented critics have been wrong.

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Message to Anita Sarkeesian aka @femfreq

History hates tyranny.

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The Face of Modern Feminism is an Ugly One

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Introduction To Soc-Jus Pt. 3

Introduction To Soc-Jus Pt. 3

Absolutely fantastic, you’re brilliant at explaining the SJW’s. Thank you for doing these, I love these videos.

The Rationalists

The Predation of Media and Subculture

(Part 3 of 3 in the Introduction to Soc-Jus series)

Part 5: Representation In Media

Despite a common and central theme to the complaints of social justice warriors and feminists being that they lack appropriate representation in the media, in many sectors of modern media it could be said that they enjoy not only representation, but in fact an over saturation therein. Arguing very often that the absence of social justice or feminist ideology within fictional stories, as well as an absence of strong female, minority, disabled, transgender and “non-binaries” characters in said stories is a sign of media marginalization, many a prominent feminist and social justice advocate are themselves outright media darlings. People who in the course of their generally rhetorically based “advocacy and activism” become go-to authority figures on the topics of sexism, racism, misogyny and harassment, despite often having little to…

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butt coverings Anita sarkeesian | Disorderly Politics

Posts about butt coverings Anita sarkeesian written by Brianna

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