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barrierbreaker –How a SJW thinks aYouTuber is Lying  because it Took Less Than 24 Hours to Ruin MTV’s Explanation of BLM

At Patheos Atheist, Pete Mosley writes from an atheistic and humanistic viewpoint with the goal of breaking barriers in understanding that keep individuals marginalized in the frequently intersecting arenas of religion, race, class, and gender.

This is what happens when you let people race bait. Not saying the police is not guilty of some deaths, but with this bigotry of low expectations that SJW’s treat black people, means that black people are being used and abused.

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Stop Being A Victim Cult: A Guide For Black Culture, By The Amazing Atheist (And Friends)

If you’re a member of black culture, this is what’s holding you back.

Source: Stop Being A Victim Cult: A Guide For Black Culture, By The Amazing Atheist (And Friends)

The Amazing Atheist’s Racism

Source: The Amazing Atheist’s Racism

This guy is a Social Justice Warrior or Sociopathic Juvenile Whiner as I like to call them, he thinks all white people are racists just like they all do.

He is spreading more racism, sexism, and all the other isms and phobias, more than the Amazing Atheist could. They justify it for the greater good, and being progressive, but they are sending us backwards to the point where we will soon be back in the 1960’s.

Of course, they do not see this, because they are idiots and can think of nothing except ism’s and phobia’s.

The Amazing Atheist is actually quite good, and he has some good points that this guy Martin Hughes thinks are racist, but at least it would help.

Please watch the video.

Message to Anita Sarkeesian aka @femfreq

History hates tyranny.

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Prof. warns against cultural appropriation in shopping

A Simon Fraser University professor suggests asking permission to use cultural ideas.

Source: Prof. warns against cultural appropriation in shopping