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NOW honors 'mattress girl' with Woman of Courage Award

This is why REAL Rape Victims have trouble being believed, because of women and girls like this. She is no HERO, she is sociopathic Juvenile Whiner who LIED about being raped and was awarded with what she wanted ATTENTION!

Sulkowicz is best known for her thesis art project at Columbia University, titled “Carry That Weight.” The project involved carrying a mattress around campus for a year. According to Sulkowicz, the weight of the mattress symbolized the weight she had been carrying since she was allegedly raped in her dorm room during her sophomore year.

Source: NOW honors ‘mattress girl’ with Woman of Courage Award

Video: Anti-democracy activists (SJW fascists) | Philosophies of a Disenchanted Scholar

“One of the most common and strongest criticisms of fascism is that it is a tyranny. Fascism is deliberately and entirely non-democratic and anti-democratic” They don’t care what …

Source: Video: Anti-democracy activists (SJW fascists) | Philosophies of a Disenchanted Scholar