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Entitled little brats

Entitled little brats

Entitled little brats, telling people they are offensive.

For having a picture, of someone from different races.

Entitled little brats, who say the are triggered.

Getting upset when someone with real mental health problems, tells them they are actually being offensive.

Who the fuck do you think you are?

Have you no manners?

No, of course you don’t, your an entitled little brat.

Everything is triggering they cry, as they censor you for your opinion.

Go fuck yourself you entitled little brats, swim in your tears and and get bitten by rats.

Stop using race to bait society fighting, stop getting offend when someone points the fact out.

Go cry me a river, and swim far far away. Go swim to a deserted island and be a sociopathic juvenile whiner there.

Fuck you, for your attention seeking, pretending to have a mental illness.

Writing on Tumblr that you have every kind known to man, with extra special Tumblrisms in store.

So you can getting the highest oppression score.

You want 1984, before you don’t want you feels to be hurt. God forbid that someone on twitter says something you don’t like, you’ll have jack straight away block the tweet from sight.

Grow up and be an adult, your in your twenties you should be standing on your own two feet.

And that is why you are me, a sociopathic juvenile whiner who will always be the mental age of three.

A Question for Steve Shives

A Question for Steve Shives


You are a disgrace for a human being; you have no idea about struggles people have, because all you do is demonize people and call them right wing for disagreeing with you, or block them.

Why do you not talk to people?

Are you afraid?

Do think that if they come out with comments you agree with, your fellow SJW’s are going to pound on you?


Do you just love having an echo chamber?

Steve SJW’s are the reason why mental illnesses are now even more stigmatized than they were before, because of them, we finding more and more people being told they are faking their illness. Your SJW friends, I call them friends because, well they are the only people you will with about subjects.

Especially, when they treat it like a fairytale as whimsical as Cinderella, and pretending to be the poor little girls.

SJW’s and feminists are using the feminist mantra to cure mental illness, yet it doesn’t always work. There are people, mostly men, who are in therapy and are convinced by these therapists that they are the problem, I had a therapist back in 2007 who blamed me as woman, and she was a woman.

So, can you please tell me what are feminists and SJW’s doing for people with mental illness?

Please tell me Steve, what is communism going to do for people with mental health problems?

Another thing I would like to talk about you, is how you as a rather large and important SJW, why do you scare women about rape, and rape culture?

I am a rape survivor and sexual abuse survivor, I don’t think it is fair that your movement is disgusting, when there are people who have been raped and abused are being even more frightened.

Do you like scaring women?

Do you think it is fair that you scare women?

Do you think that, that is what feminism should be about, scaring women?

Do you think you are being a good person by scaring women?

Do you think you are going to help women by scaring them?

You are not a very nice person, though you think you are more righteous than myself, as a survivor, then you are not a very good or noble person Steve.

Watching the world burn

Watching the world burn

Watching the world burn, watching the world turn faster and faster.

The world turning to the tune of loud screeching cries, secrets, lies, and darkness in the shadows.

Burn, Turn, Burn, Turn.

Screech, screech cry, cry, find another person to persecute and die.

Propaganda, lies, Tv screens infested with people who want to watch you die.

Facebook, Twitter, a place for people that screech louder, bearing their teeth, at the people they accuse this week.

Misogynist, Alt Right, Sexist, Racist, Homophobe, Islamophobia, how many words they use to quiet you into a zombie like them in a coma.

Screech, screech, screech, the sounds of the children come, adults with the mental age of a child come.

Accuse of rape, accuse of everything, buzzwords, buzzwords, virtue signalling, cry , cry, cry.

Patriarchy, rape, kill all men, you are a racist for, and misogynist and a man.

Twitter, Facebook, social Media, the world quieted by the force of thought police, and censorship.

Don’t say that, blocked, shadow banned, keep in the dark.

We can’t have these dangerous words, shown, it might trigger someone.

Trigger, Trigger, Trigger,  Trigger, everyday, morning, noon, and night.

Watching the world burn, watching the world turn faster and faster.

The world turning to the tune of loud screeching cries, secrets, lies, and darkness in the shadows.

Burn, Turn, Burn, Turn.

I would rather die, than live in a world, where I cannot be myself, and learn.

1984 is coming so soon, I know I would rather be stabbed, than live in a world that doesn’t want me as part.

Easy it seems, to say such a thing.

But look all around you, and you will see what I mean.

This is why I hate 3rd Wave feminism and social justice Warriors.

barrierbreaker –How a SJW thinks aYouTuber is Lying because it Took Less Than 24 Hours to Ruin MTV…

barrierbreaker –How a SJW thinks aYouTuber is Lying because it Took Less Than 24 Hours to Ruin MTV’s Explanation of BLM

At Patheos Atheist, Pete Mosley writes from an atheistic and humanistic viewpoint with the goal of breaking barriers in understanding that keep individuals marginalized in the frequently intersecting arenas of religion, race, class, and gender.

This is what happens when you let people race bait. Not saying the police is not guilty of some deaths, but with this bigotry of low expectations that SJW’s treat black people, means that black people are being used and abused.

Source: barrierbreaker –

Originally published at perfectlyfadeddelusions.com on July 17, 2016.

Video: ‘Anti Social Justice: A Helpful Translation Guide’

Originally published by Philosophies of a Disenchanted Scholar

I suppose this is meant to be ‘triggering’ to the likes of us…?

At least she tried.

I reached out to her earlier today to try and come to some understanding, charitably offered to take down my two original posts about her. She blanked me, on tumblr no less. I can’t say I’m surprised. Here’s what I sent, I’m not ashamed of offering an olive branch, so she can’t lie about that too;

Hello I know this will seem strange but we all do strange things, don’t we? I’ve been thinking re these 2 articles specifically @ tinyurl codes: jdpyngk and jhhnrht I don’t think my intentions were made clear, I wanted to protect people from bad/harmful advice to their case, as long as you agree to implore people to seek a professional AS WELL, and ask me nicely, considering your troubles and suicidal state recently, I am willing to…

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Originally published at perfectlyfadeddelusions.com on June 12, 2016.

The #DePaul Debacle

The #DePaul Debacle

The Rationalists

Why did the faculty side with the protesters against the students and guest speaker?

Sign the petition against teaching hate in universities.



DePaul student code of conduct



Milo at DePaul

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pw-MnRyIoQY&feature=youtu.be&t=46m18s (46 and 1:45:00)









Edward Ward


Kayla Johnson


Valerie Johnson, his mentor









Valerie Johnson, tactician


Chicago racism



Edward’s unrepentant interview


Edward Ward’s psychological profile




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