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Why doesn’t Anita Sarkeesian: Shut up, sit down, and listen

Why doesn’t Anita Sarkeesian: Shut up, sit down, and listen

Why doesn’t Anita practice what she preaches, she retweeted an article from Bitch Media on a book turned movie on disability, and then started to sprout off her usual rhetoric on oppression.

Anita I hate to break it to you love, but you do not talk for disabled people, and you are being rather ableist aren’t you?

You being a woman who has never given money to any charity for oppressed people, never volunteered, and never even offered to help. Since you get paid to retweet from publication such as Bitch Media and media where your social justice/feminist friends write tax free.

Yet you seem to comment on subjects like you are some great guru of everything, and talk for everyone, when you are in fact the racist, misogynist, and sexist Anita. All you third wave feminists, sociopathic juvenile whiners are.

So please stop talking for people, and pretending that you are the patron saint of feminism.


SJW’s moving into Mental illness

SJW’s are moving onto mental illness, they are making videos on how society doesn’t get them, and how people are romancing it on social media platforms and media. However, they are the ones romancing the health condition that can be very disabling, so why are they being this way?


When all these social justice whiners, upper middle class girls tell you that they have a mental illness, and she knows the struggles, I have to laugh.

Firstly, you don’t need to use the NHS nor do you have to worry about health insurance, meaning you are not on a waiting list of 2 and 1/2 years to see someone. In the UK, a board of professionals in your local mental health trust now determines who deserves services. Nor are you going to be left because you cannot afford medical bills, or can only use their insurance in only certain hospitals or clinics.

Secondly, you have probably never had doctors or people tell you that it’s all in your head, nor have you had to research for services, because there are not enough services.

Thirdly, your therapist is probably telling you you have these things to get more money out of you. So they diagnose you with everything, and keep you in a state of I do have something wrong with me. Whereas the NHS therapist, are desperately trying to find ways to say you are better, because they have a whole waiting list of people, and the manager needs to hit targets. Leaving you to survive on your own, until you can get your doctor to actually write to the trust again, about needing therapy again.

Do you understand now why people get pissed off with you, why I want to make a channel on YouTube? Because this has been my whole life struggle with mental illness, nobody doing anything, and just being pushed pillar to post. Having people give me the million mile stare when I bring it up, and basically having to disguise it.

Therefore, Upper middle class girls with Twitter PTSD, living in your nice expensive flat, and many job prospects. Trying living in the under classes.

I’m doing it for everyone, I’m doing it because people with REAL mental illnesses who are not able to talk about their mental illnesses, have trouble finding jobs, are being social cleansed by the government, and have never had the help they need. More than that, I want to bring solutions, practical and effective to make people’s lives better.

But you, you are making it seem like a fairy tale.

If you would like to donate to my crowdfunder: https://gogetfunding.com/computer-for-working-at-home-and-to-help-people-with-mental-health-problems/

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