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AEI Panel: Marxists outnumber conservatives in social sciences

Panelists for the American Enterprise Institute agree that American universities are driving away much-needed conservative intellectuals because of their liberal policies.

Source: AEI Panel: Marxists outnumber conservatives in social sciences

Introduction To Soc-Jus Pt. 3

Introduction To Soc-Jus Pt. 3

Absolutely fantastic, you’re brilliant at explaining the SJW’s. Thank you for doing these, I love these videos.

The Rationalists

The Predation of Media and Subculture

(Part 3 of 3 in the Introduction to Soc-Jus series)

Part 5: Representation In Media

Despite a common and central theme to the complaints of social justice warriors and feminists being that they lack appropriate representation in the media, in many sectors of modern media it could be said that they enjoy not only representation, but in fact an over saturation therein. Arguing very often that the absence of social justice or feminist ideology within fictional stories, as well as an absence of strong female, minority, disabled, transgender and “non-binaries” characters in said stories is a sign of media marginalization, many a prominent feminist and social justice advocate are themselves outright media darlings. People who in the course of their generally rhetorically based “advocacy and activism” become go-to authority figures on the topics of sexism, racism, misogyny and harassment, despite often having little to…

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We Didn’t Start the Fire: Why kids consume massive amounts of media and multitask all day (and night) long | Psychology Today

Teens Cry: “We Didn’t Start the Fire”

This is a really interesting article of how the children of today have o much going on, and how it is much harder for them to shut off their minds.

Source: We Didn’t Start the Fire: Why kids consume massive amounts of media and multitask all day (and night) long | Psychology Today

A question to Social Justice feminism

I asked the question I am going to ask here to prominent social justice feminists, because I was interested in what they were going to say, as well as trying to highlight the danger of their behaviors and hierarchy.

I asked: Do you think it is dangerous for girls have been raped and abused to be a social justice warriors? Especially since they keep talking about the hate of men, and the fact that they keep on about rape culture? These women or girls might cause serious harm to a man, because of all the mixed up feelings and vulnerability she has. Do you also think it might be dangerous because of the whole Oppression Olympics, that they might feel under valued, due to some being more oppressed than them?

Isn’t it dangerous to make these girls feel even more victimized and powerless when they are already feeling this way?

I thought Feminism is meant to be able empowering women?

I know this might sound like a stupid question(s) to ask, but I worry for the vulnerable girls that really have been raped and abused in the past, and most likely to be persuaded to join the cause. They could be mentally unstable already due to PTSD (real PTSD, not the fake kind SJW’s use like tossing sweets out), they probably have depression too.

Take Cologne for instance, SJW’s are saying that the rapists are oppressed because of their religion and skin colour, however to the girl who has been raped, could be so confused by that. And then find herself angry inside, but because she is part of a group, and scared of being shunned out, she stays and pretends to agree.

This worries me, not because of projection, but because that girl is either going to be so brainwashed, that something is going to happen like a mass shooting or something. Or the girl is going to hate herself so much, that she decides to kill herself.

And what is going to be said to the family, who are going to hear about this? Would she be close to them, or be estranged because of her being a social justice warrior, and trying to push the agenda onto him, and push them away? The family knowing that something like this was going to happen, but they could not get it through to her, because she was so brainwashed.

I wish I could help these girls see the light, I wish I was psychologist so I look after them.

Sorry for going on about this, I know I have been going on about Social Justice Warriors, but I feel this needs to be said.