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Psychosis for Mental Health? – Mad In America

What if we took individuals who are experiencing emotional crises called ‘psychosis’ and offered them safe spaces of respite?

I’m not sure if I agree with this, this is a very complicated subject, and one I do not feel very qualified to comment on.

But I do know my next door neighbor smokes weed, and has extreme temper meltdowns, where me and my mum fear he will hurt his own mum. MY step brother who abused me also smoked weed, he had anger issues also, but this actually made him worse.

That’s just my experience of what drugs do, but still please still read the article, and see what you think.

Source: Psychosis for Mental Health? – Mad In America

Alison Rapp Update: Anti-#GamerGate Target Speaks With Me About False Allegations

Source: Alison Rapp Update: Anti-#GamerGate Target Speaks With Me About False Allegations

The SJW-Backed Push to Make Pedophilia Mainstream Picks Up Steam

SJWs have no shame, and the continue to prove it by backing pedophilia.

Source: The SJW-Backed Push to Make Pedophilia Mainstream Picks Up Steam

We must stop the social justice warriors – ragreynolds

Source: We must stop the social justice warriors – ragreynolds

RE: The Totalitarian Doctrine of ‘Social Justice Warriors’ – The East-West dichotomy

CULTURAL POLICING – Great piece by Cathy Young at The Observer. But something is (still) missing: These ‘Social Justice Warriors’ (SJW) are not just terrorizing America and its pe…

Source: RE: The Totalitarian Doctrine of ‘Social Justice Warriors’ – The East-West dichotomy

Bullying Boss At NHS West London Mental Health Trust – Andy Weir – Has Now Been Re-Employed By Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.


Andy Weir: Bullying case NHS boss leaves with £170,000

Andy Weir 2 Andy Weir 18 Jan 2012http://wlmht.nhs.uk/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/Andy-Weir.jpg

Britain’s largest mental health trust spent a year investigating multiple allegations of bullying, intimidation and harassment against staff, only to compensate an executive at the centre of the claims who was entitled to a £170,000 package after being suspended for a year on full pay.

West London Mental Health Trust launched an inquiry in March 2013, following complaints over the conduct of Andy Weir, the then £110,000-a-year executive director of specialist and forensic services, with responsibility for Broadmoor hospital.

“The investigation into his conduct looked at claims that Mr Weir “bullied, harassed and intimidated staff” and whether his management style “led to a climate of fear and intimidation where staff feel concerned about raising concerns relating to both themselves and standards of clinical care”.

The report was finalised in October 2013. Despite uncovering “concerns with…

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Romancinizing mental health problems

I’m getting fed up of people who think that mental illness is something to sound edgy or oppressed, mental illness is not fun to live with.

Using it to seem cool or anything like that is wrong, people with mental health problems already deal with stigma. You self diagnose yourself with everything and anything that makes you feel special, and then write about it like a great love affair. If people challenge you, you whine about patriarchy and then bully them.

Because you went on a medical website and Wikipedia, and basically think everything on the list of symptoms was what you had.

Healthcare services are stretched, and we are facing a lot of problems right now with the British government.

There ate people stretched so much that they are taking their own lives, or wanting to.

And the government don’t care.

Advocating for mental health rights is better than acting like an edgy kid.

PTSD is not something you abuse either, I am a survivor of sexual abuse and rape by two men who were family. It’s horrible to live with.

There are solders and people, including men who are sexually abused who need real help.

You cannot get PTSD from twitter, and how dare you feel this is something you are entitled to use.

Suicide is always a last resort when someone is so desperate, they cannot see any way. It should not be used to get attention for the wrong reasons.

So next time you try to act like you are like us, think about the damage and progress being lost to stop the stigma.

Our government are forcing people with mental health problems into work, with no sympathy or care for the people they are doing this to. Making people do examinations, where they degrade and cause people to actually kill themselves because of the pressure.

There are people in Britain like myself who are on a very long waiting list for help, because our local authorities cannot afford to keep services open or to have the staff.

I’ve been on a 2 and a half year waiting list, and still haven’t been seen. And these as with myself are truly on the breaking point.

Mental health is disabling and a real disability that should not be abused, and it is sick that you do this and use it as an excuse to get attention for something you have little experience with nor truly care for the people who live with mental health problems everyday.

Mental health is no fairy tale, love story, or Disney movie. You take the good days as they come, and cope with the bad days as best as you can.

I am not saying this to be rude or nasty, or to people I know who blog about their mental health to bring awareness.

To those people, I am sorry if I seem hard and harsh. I didn’t mean to be.