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The Trigger Warning Controversy

By Chris Lyford – According to some critics, an overly protective approach to presenting college course materials deemed too triggering—in books, lessons, and lectures—could soon be coming to a university near you. Are they a boon to student mental health, or just promoting a culture of avoidance?

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Introduction To Soc-Jus Pt. 3

Introduction To Soc-Jus Pt. 3

Absolutely fantastic, you’re brilliant at explaining the SJW’s. Thank you for doing these, I love these videos.

The Rationalists

The Predation of Media and Subculture

(Part 3 of 3 in the Introduction to Soc-Jus series)

Part 5: Representation In Media

Despite a common and central theme to the complaints of social justice warriors and feminists being that they lack appropriate representation in the media, in many sectors of modern media it could be said that they enjoy not only representation, but in fact an over saturation therein. Arguing very often that the absence of social justice or feminist ideology within fictional stories, as well as an absence of strong female, minority, disabled, transgender and “non-binaries” characters in said stories is a sign of media marginalization, many a prominent feminist and social justice advocate are themselves outright media darlings. People who in the course of their generally rhetorically based “advocacy and activism” become go-to authority figures on the topics of sexism, racism, misogyny and harassment, despite often having little to…

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How can you legalize paedophilia?

You have to be some kind of sick individual to want to legalize this… Right?

Obviously these people have never been sexual abused by someone, because if they were, then I doubt very much that they would want to have these men and women on the internet sharing pictures of children as they they abuse them.

Would you want indecent pictures of yourself on the internet, and a bunch of sick perverts touching themselves to it?

Did you know that looking at those pictures is just as harmful as doing the abuse in person, and you are more likely to do the act on a child after watching that. While also increasing the chances of him harming a child, and using it to show the child that is a normal thing for them to do.

Being a paedophile is not a fucking sexual orientation, these people have severe mental health problems and are good at lying. It’s all part of their manipulation of children, and a way to make them submit to them, because who will believe a kid they say to them.

Why are these social justice warriors okay for one thing, but not another? A reason why I asked that question, how would you like indecent pictures of you on the internet. These are very vulnerable little children and teens being used for sexual gratification, and you the morally idiotic social justice warriors think this right?

I talk as a survivor of sexual abuse, I was shown porn by my step brother. Most of it adult, but some of it children, all brought from a local video store. I have also been told by my rapist that he liked me since I was 12 years old, he was my sister’s boyfriend, he sent me explicit messages about how he wanted to do things to me when I was younger. He knew about my step brother, and still said those things, don’t you think that is rather disgusting?

I feel sick just thinking about it, and thinking of the men and women you want to allow to see pictures of children and sexually enjoy themselves. Oh yes women do it too, but they are the ones to do it to smaller children, such as babies, and in nurseries while changing them, or taking them to the bathroom.

If you don’t allow rape culture, and hate cis men, yet you want to allow them to do this. You are all fucked up morally, do you know that.

They lie to the prison psychiatric about getting better, because they know it will get them out earlier. And do you you think they are truly sorry for their crimes, no they are not, they just know how to get around the system.

They certainly aren’t oppressed either, they are the oppressors.

And this is the reason I am writing this blog post, and others.

I might one day have to tell you exactly what happened, but I don’t think I am ready for that day. But if people have any questions, or would like to talk about their experiences, I am here for you.

I just would have thought having the title social justice would mean a lot more, for the help of more people.

Nightmares and demons and being picky

The last few nights or more I’ve been having nightmares of my step brother and sisters ex, them doing what they did again.

Then as I try to escape from them, I wake up in a hot sweat and cry.

So now I am becoming afraid to sleep, but I am so tired and exhausted. I’m frightened and I’m worrying even more.

Mum thinks it’s because of all the stress I am under with feeling pressured into work, as well the worry of my ESA being cut.

Iain Duncan Smith, this is what you are fucking doing to people. Thank you for causing these nightmares to come back, I haven’t had one for nearly a year and you have caused them yo resurface.

It’s scary. I won’t lie about, I thought about writing a poem or a short piece. However I know it will be too graphic to actually publish as a blog, and I don’t want to scare you good people.

Maybe I should send it to the Conservatives and see if it will make them squirm?

No they would probably like it.

And so I would like to apologize for the sporadic blogging and reblogging, I know I seem to be getting worse, and probably seeming more overwhelmed as usual.

Believe when I say I am, I haven’t even been able to get the motivation to do what I have said in other blogs.

So I would like to apologize sincerely and say I love you all very much, I might be picky at the moment, but I love all your blogs.

Still Oaks I am so sorry for not replying to your email or comment, I have downloaded the video but it doesn’t seem to be playing.

Sasson I will reply to your email soon too, and I’m sorry I haven’t replied sooner.

Thank you for putting up with me. 💖