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Recognizing facial expressions and tones.

Sometimes I read comments and I think have I upset them, or are they annoyed with me?

I find tone very hard to tell from messages and sometimes in real life as well.

It’s weird.

I wonder if it is because I was bullied in school all the through, or something to do with the abuse I endured by my step brother?

A depression thing?

I don’t know, I feel bad for telling you guys this, it makes me feel guilty.

Sorry. 💖🌈

Interview with Andrew Cockburn on his 1983 book ‘The Threat: Inside the Soviet Military Machine’

Stop Making Sense

From The Scott Horton Show:

Andrew Cockburn, author of Kill Chain: The Rise of the High-Tech Assassins, discusses his classic 1980s book The Threat: Inside the Soviet Military Machine that told the truth about poorly designed and unreliable Soviet weapons systems, while mainstream analysts hyped the Soviet menace – driving sales for US defense contractors.


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BRITAIN: ‘ Headteacher is suspended and now faces the sack after taking a two-week Brazil cycling holiday in term-time ‘

Ace News Services

#AceNewsReport – Nov.04: Ian McCann (pictured), 58, the headmaster of Rosewood Primary School in Burnley was told by governors that he could not take the two-week cycling tour of South America (The Daily Mail) reported.

He decided to go as planned – now he returns to a suspension and possible sacking.

These crazy rules need to change as soon as possible and as long as any teacher advises the school of their forthcoming holiday in plenty of time, some sort of flexibility should apply.

Original Article: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3287445/Headteacher-suspended-faces-sack-taking-two-week-Brazil-cycling-holiday-term

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Microsoft to discontinue Windows 7 and 8.1 next November

Nwo Report

Windows 7 has another year to go before it will no longer be preinstalled on new PCs.

Renai LeMay/ZDNet.com.au

Still want to buy a PC that comes with Windows 7 or 8.1 from the get-go? You’ve got less than a year.

Updated late October, Microsoft’s “Windows lifecycle fact sheet” shows October 31, 2016, as the “end of sales for PCs with Windows preinstalled” for both Windows 7 Professional and Windows 8.1, a change spotted by CNET sister site ZDNet. After that date, the only choice for consumers will be to purchase new computers with Windows 10 installed. The lone exception will be businesses with license agreements that entitle them to choose which version of Windows they want preinstalled.

The deadline puts pressure on consumers who have grown comfortable with Windows 7 and are reluctant to upgrade their operating system if they buy a new PC. For Microsoft, it’s a…

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I am going to ride this crack squirrel right to Famous Author Town!!!

Pouring My Art Out

a 55Okay… obviously, this is just a metaphor… I mean, in the first place, the crack squirrels aren’t that big… and there is more than one of them… a lot more… and they live in my head most of the time, helping me to come up with crazy ideas for my blog or the books they help me write or just thinking up the weird stuff we do to keep each other from going nuts… except when they creep out at night to purchase more crack or get bored and sneak out to do who-knows-what… and there probably isn’t even a town called Famous Author Town anyway…

But you get the general idea, right?

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Fancy Dan, the Coffee Man



We splurged and bought a Fancy Dan coffee maker in 1987.  It was heavenly staggering into the kitchen to find a carafe of freshly made coffee waiting at five in the morning.  True love!  We enjoyed it precisely one month before we got a recall notice and a gift certificate for a replacement to use while we waited for the fine new Fancy Dan.  It seems the original was setting houses on fire.

We went into mourning and trashed Fancy Dan, picking up his replacement, a very plain model.  About a year later, our new Fancy Dan arrived.  Dan had our steaming coffee waiting when we awoke.  All we had to do was “sasser and blow it.”  It saved our marriage.  Alas, a mere six joyful months later we received word that this model was also likely to be an arsonist.  Out came the plain old replacement model till we…

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No common sense

Flip Flops Every day


I know, that’s nothing new.  But seriously…

I’ve been helping a friend do some data entry work while I’m out of full-time employment.  This part time work is basically looking up elementary (public/private/charter) schools websites, finding out the principal (e-mail) and PTO/PTA president/Vice president e-mails.  Then, mainly, it’s to establish if they do any “pledge-based” fundraising, like a Jog/walk-a-thon, Read-a-thon, anything with a “thon.”  Or 5k / fun-run sort of thing.  We have a software program that helps with collecting the pledges.

Some schools are very savvy with their efforts of ensuring no e-mail addresses are on their websites.  If we call, they typically state they can’t provide personal info like numbers or e-mails.  Who cares.  It’s a flippin’ e-mail address.  If you have a good “spam” ware, it shouldn’t be an issue for you.  But whatever.

Anyway, sometimes we can easily gather name/e-mails, but can’t necessarily determine…

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A Storm, The Holidays, And The Mentally Ill

A Journey with You

Storms terrify me, and we had a big storm in Southern California yesterday. The wind was rattling all of our sliding glass windows (we live in an old condo, on the third floor, and the sliding glass doors are very loose and in need of weatherizing). The rain was coming down so hard it sounded like someone had turned on a very loud shower. The thunder would occasionally boom and rumble. I curled up in bed and in a pathetic attempt to drown out the sounds of the first winter storm, I turned on a fan.

As I was wrapped up in the covers of my bed, I thought about the people, over ten thousand of them, living on the streets, some within walking distance of where I was warm and dry. Many of the people without a roof over their head last night are mentally ill. I tried to…

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