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The power of words | Felipe Contreras

Quite often in a discussion I’ve heard the phrase “semantics”, as if the meaning of words didn’t really matter in a discussion. Words are the building blocks of complex ideas, and if we don’t have …

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‘White Privilege Checklist' appears in Minnesota dorm

This doesn’t surprise me anymore, it’s fucking pathetic that we are in an age where you have to check your privilege in college, I thought getting into college was a privilege in itself.

I would of loved to have gone to college to learn, but I couldn’t afford to, but also I don’t think I would have been good enough, but that’s another story.

This is so fucking stupid, I just hope that this doesn’t end up happening at workplaces and other places. Because that would be fucked up.

Source: ‘White Privilege Checklist’ appears in Minnesota dorm

School employee tried to threaten student over Trump sign

The University of South Alabama is reminding staff to respect First Amendment rights after a student was threatened with disciplinary action for refusing to remove a Trump sign from his dorm window.

Wow! You really can’t do anything at these colleges. It’s pretty sad that professors have to be reminded of the first amendment.

Source: School employee tried to threaten student over Trump sign

Professors slip anti-Trump musings into class communications

This doesn’t surprise me anymore, I see it all in SJW publications and the fact there is a site where it pretends to Hillary has won the election.

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As scientists prepare to march, Science for the People or Social Justice Warriors spreading their cancer reboots | Science | AAAS

1970s activist group hopes current crisis will be fertile soil

So basically Social Justice and Feminism has the hijacking of science to put in their bag of tumours that that are cancerous. Science is going to be put backwards, all because of Social Justice, so don’t hold out when you have cancer or any other diseases to actually get a treatment, because they will all be under a quota system. They will also only be applied to the most oppressed people, so men, don’t count on them finding a cure for your cancer, or any other diseases that affect men more, or white people.

I would also not hold my breathe on new medications being made by feminists, so people with mental health problems, if you’re a man or white, or CIS Gendered don’t count on it.

Plus Steve Shives and his band of idiots are supporting and even going to the march, so you know this is a serious thing. My point is, social justice is not going to save lives, people are going to die, even more than there is now, all for fucking equality.

Source: As scientists prepare to march, Science for the People reboots | Science | AAAS

Law profs condemn excesses of 'safe space' proponents

Two law professors are raising questions about the perceptions of “safe spaces” on college campuses nationwide, suggesting that both supporters and detractors should moderate their approaches.

After conceding that safe space supporters often make themselves into “easy caricatures,” the professors condemn “right-leaning critics” for “overreacting with bluster or ridicule.”

While they reject the idea of using safe spaces to shield students from conflicting viewpoints, they also argue that universities should provide access to campus facilities as safe spaces for private groups based on freedom of association.

Source: Law profs condemn excesses of ‘safe space’ proponents

App State requests gender-inclusivity disclaimer on papers

Appalachian State is advising students to add disclaimers to academic papers indicating that they are using gender-neutral pronouns “to be inclusive.”

If students choose to use “they” in place of “he or she” on an assignment, they are encouraged to add a disclaimer at the top stating that “This paper uses ‘they’ as a singular third-person pronoun to be inclusive of all genders.”

Source: App State requests gender-inclusivity disclaimer on papers

Loyola hosts 'Feminist Festival' with 'groovy bra-burners'

Loyola University-New Orleans is hoting an 11-day “Feminist Festival” featuring “groovy bra-burners” and a lecture on quilting as a “healing” method.

Events include a talk on “anti-feminism” in pop-culture, a dance performance featuring “groovy bra-burners,” and a talk on how making quilts is a “mechanism of healing and survival.”

The “Feminist Festival,” which began last week and runs through Saturday, features 17 unique events hosted by the Loyola Women’s Resource Center, including talks by professors, film screenings, and interactive feminist workshops.

Source: Loyola hosts ‘Feminist Festival’ with ‘groovy bra-burners’

Study suggests college students protest to assuage ‘guilt’

A new study contends that moral outrage towards injustice is actually a way of reducing guilt over one’s own moral failings.

The authors note that such moral outrage is particularly common on college campuses, where it plays a role in fueling student activism by arousing “interest and motivation.”

They also warn, however, that while moral outrage can be expressed in positive ways through peaceful protest, it can also “push people toward actions like vandalism or violence.”

Source: Study suggests college students protest to assuage ‘guilt’

THE LAST DITCH: The dangers of virtue signalling on the internet

Champagne Socialists who think they are down with the poor, virtue signal, yet have no fucking idea of reality.

I’m glad they get called out, I wish more people would call these celebrities, reporters, and champagne socialists.

And worse are the Sociopathic Juvenile Whiners, Feminists, and college who think they are the ruling class.

Source: THE LAST DITCH: The dangers of virtue signalling on the internet