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Five Guys Adds a Hot Dog to the Menu, Zoe Quinn Now “Agender”



oh shit omg what is this

Zoe Quinn being asexual, is that for more oppression points?

Seriously this woman who calls herself a feminist, shows off her rack more than the average person. She’s a horrible human being, getting money for nothing especially from her fellow Sociopathic Juvenile Whiners/feminists, and is only famous for the 5 men.

Like that the restaurant has hit dogs now though, I’m sure they are going to get more people going to there.

Source: Five Guys Adds a Hot Dog to the Menu, Zoe Quinn Now “Agender”

“White Nationalist” Yiannopoulos Gets $250K in Book Deal, Progs (& Zoe Quinn) Go Into Meltdown Mode

Source: “White Nationalist” Yiannopoulos Gets $250K in Book Deal, Progs (& Zoe Quinn) Go Into Meltdown Mode

Honey Badger Brigade | Nerds bite back!

Here is yet another period in games history about which social justice oriented critics have been wrong.

Source: Honey Badger Brigade | Nerds bite back!

Honey Badger Brigade | Nerds bite back!

Big Randi Harper Flips Out After Nintendo Denies Five Guys Joke, Zoe to Take “Major Hiatus”

Source: Big Randi Harper Flips Out After Nintendo Denies Five Guys Joke, Zoe to Take “Major Hiatus”

Introduction To Soc-Jus Pt. 3

Introduction To Soc-Jus Pt. 3

Absolutely fantastic, you’re brilliant at explaining the SJW’s. Thank you for doing these, I love these videos.

The Rationalists

The Predation of Media and Subculture

(Part 3 of 3 in the Introduction to Soc-Jus series)

Part 5: Representation In Media

Despite a common and central theme to the complaints of social justice warriors and feminists being that they lack appropriate representation in the media, in many sectors of modern media it could be said that they enjoy not only representation, but in fact an over saturation therein. Arguing very often that the absence of social justice or feminist ideology within fictional stories, as well as an absence of strong female, minority, disabled, transgender and “non-binaries” characters in said stories is a sign of media marginalization, many a prominent feminist and social justice advocate are themselves outright media darlings. People who in the course of their generally rhetorically based “advocacy and activism” become go-to authority figures on the topics of sexism, racism, misogyny and harassment, despite often having little to…

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Major update to Crash Override!


I knew Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn were going to do this, this is so fucking obvious that a four year old could have called it. But this is dangerous, very dangerous.

This is why I am going to be investigating as hard as I can, how far up these people go. Because we need to know how to defeat these people, otherwise we are going to be slaves, and the book 1984 is going to be reality.

The excerpt underneath is not good.

TELL YOU SOME OF THE STUFF I’VE BEEN DOING FOR THE LAST FEW MONTHS 😀 This isn’t all of it by any means, but it’s something pretty cool!Crash Override is proud to announce sponsorship from Feminist Frequency. By accepting tax-deductible donations through this partnership, Crash Override will be able to greatly expand operations and assist more people, all for free. Together, Feminist Frequency and Crash Override will work to make a safer internet for everyone. We’ve been going through some major internal changes are we grow, and funding will go a long way to help us provide better training, security, tools, and programs both internally and externally. We’ve also developed a new tool we call COACH – Crash Override’s Automated Cybersecurity Helper. Co-founder Zoe Quinn used the same tools she uses to make games to make an interactive, easy-to-follow security checklist that allows anyone to secure their accounts, remove personal information, and protect their privacy at their own pace. While we love having in-depth and comprehensive guides, they don’t work for everyone. After looking at success rates from manually walking someone through locking their accounts down, versus just giving them a guide, it became clear that we could help a lot more people if we were able to take them through step by step. Since we can’t be everywhere at once, why not make a program to help others do some basic digital self-defense at their own pace? We’re hoping that COACH can use the strength of interactivity to fill in the gaps and assist more people.Plus, cute robot mascot:Check it out!The partnership and COACH aren’t the only new things. We’ve overhauled our website to better reflect who we are as an organization. New logos, new aesthetics, new everything. Functionality is a lot better now too – not only are there some cool new accessibility features, but everything is cleaner and easier to find now. Since launching in January 2015, we’ve assisted over 1,000 people with our casework and countless more with the guides in our public resource center. Crash Override has  advocated for our clients to tech giants like Twitter and Google, and in the public eye at Congress and the United Nations. In the next year, we will continue to seek out and build relationships with more tech platforms, advocacy organizations and activists, policy makers, and influential voices. Lots more to come soon!

Source: Major update to Crash Override!

Zoe Quinn is a Fraud and so is the Media That Enabled Her

Zoe Quinn is a major fraud, but none of it would have been possible without her enablers in the media.

Source: Zoe Quinn is a Fraud and so is the Media That Enabled Her